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Macro Recorder Lite


Macro Recorder Lite is a simple keyboard and mouse recorder. It is a low cost automation solution to record and play mouse and keyboard actions. And you can edit and optimize the record. And it comes with a tool Hotkey Macro, you can bind hotkeys with macros with this tool.

Key Features:
  • Record all mouse and keyboard actions and replay
  • Simulate all mouse and keyboard actions
  • Edit the mouse and keyboard actions record
  • Optimize the mouse and keyboard actions record
  • Comes with Hotkey Macro

Macro Recorder Lite screenshot

How to Use

Just click the 'Record' button, after it start to record, do whatever you want to do (move the mouse and type on the keyboard).
Record Mouse and Keyboard Actions

When you have completed what you want to do, then click the 'Stop' Button in the lower right corner of the screen or press Alt + F2 to stop recording.

Then click the 'Run' button to repeat what you just did while recording.
Replay Mouse and Keyboard Actions
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